Teresa, Group Organiser, England

Casa Rehoboth hosted our Family English “camp” every summer for several years. They coped brilliantly with up to one hundred people including an international team of workers, plus Romanian children and parents. The accommodation and facilities are of a good standard but the characteristics that made us return to the same place each year were the gorgeous mountain surroundings and even more importantly the amazing staff who did everything possible to make our families have a great holiday and to provide all sorts of strange things requested by our team for the various events we organised in the spacious grounds and facility. They have created a very special holiday home.

Andreea, Timișoara, Romania

Our first stay at Complex Rehoboth took place on a dreary February weekend when nature didn’t reveal its charm and beauty. We were nevertheless impressed with the standard of the place, the warm and immaculately clean rooms, the delicious food and the hosts’ genuine hospitality. We returned to Rehoboth in the summer and the beauty of the surrounding views took our breath away. We were happy just sitting on the balcony and drinking in the view, it was so beautiful we felt we didn’t need to go anywhere but when we started exploring the area on foot and by car we discovered there was so much to see. We were also excited about the sport fields, especially my husband and our son, who forgot his tablet and phone for a while, happy to play sports in the fresh mountain air. We returned to Valea Draganului for another seven summers with friends: due to its location, facilities and amazing hosts Rehoboth Center is a place we want to return to again and again.

Larry, group organiser, USA

Traveling from the USA for the past five summers, I have had the opportunity to stay at Complex Rehoboth in Valea Draganului. Along with other friends from the US and Romania, we so enjoy the scenic view and cooler temperatures of this mountain setting. Accenting this beautiful mountainside perch are the impeccable lodging accommodations. Every room is clean, well furnished and quiet. As expected at a sophisticated resort, the food quantity and quality is wonderful. But, the key element that ties this magnificent place together is the kind and loving staff that make us all feel welcome and at home in our mountain refuge. I already long for my next stay at Valea Draganului.

David, 15, Arad, Romania

I thought I would be bored at Valea Draganului because we had no TV in our room but in the end I didn’t even care because I spent all my time with friends on the sport fields or going on hikes. I like playing basketball and paintball the best and the fact that we woke up early enough on some mornings so we could have a jog before breakfast. During the day we had activities outdoors or in the conference room and one evening we had an amazing camp fire. I like how vast and beautiful Complex Rehoboth is, you have space to roam outdoors, it’s so much better than a hotel where you only have your room. I started coming to Valea Draganului when I was only 7 and I know that Complex Rehoboth is the best place for our camp.

Monica Vlad, Cluj, Romania

During the 10 years of voluntary involvement in organizing summer camps for children, Complex Reheboth has proved to be the right location for us. Why? First of all, because it lies in a spectacular natural setting, far from the crowded cities and it has therefore been a true refuge for children and adults alike. Secondly, around the complex we have always found the necessary facilities which have allowed us to carry on a great variety of activities for children: Bible lessons in small groups of 10 – 20 children, activities in big groups of 35 – 90 children, crafts, sports, games and many more activities. Thirdly, we have always been welcome and received with warmth by the entire staff. They have offered us clean and comfortable accomodation and have prepared varied, balanced and healthy menus, which have been so welcome in this fast food era. The complex administered by the Emanuel Foundation has become a place we all love – volunteers and children alike waiting eagerly for each summer camp. Complex Reheboth has become an emblem of our summer camps for children, camps in which I have been invloved for several years. It is a place that I personally return to fondly not just for summer camps but every time I get the chance. I would encourage everybody to take full advantage of every opportunity to stop and find an oasis for body and soul at Complex Reheboth.

Anca, Cluj, Romania

We have been organizing conferences at Emanuel Foundation in Valea Draganului for over 10 years. Every year there are participants from all over the country and from abroad. It is the perfect location for us because it blends the holiday spirit with the need to accommodate 200 participants, offerint peace and quiet in a relaxing setting…. The big accomodation capacity and the modern restaurant providing good and plentiful food entice us to return again and again. The staff is professional, efficient and friendly. All the participants to our conference along with us, the organizers are very satisfied by our collaboration with the Emanuel Foundation.

Marius Zirbo, Cluj, România

For over 5 years now we have been organizing conferences and events at Reheboth Complex and this place is ideal for our events. It is a complex which boasts all the necessary facilities, good, fresh food in a great natural setting, with excellent accomodation – it is, in short, all that one could wish for a successful conference.